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Classic Video: Political Voice-Overs

I was born in the USA (as Bruce would say) so I can vote in U.S. Presidential elections. This has lead to officially becoming a U.S. political junkie. So, imagine my excitement – bordering on arousal – at this CNN piece, profiling some folks who do political voice-overs!


I’d Love To Talk For A Living

Naturally, as a voice talent agent, I tend to get more than a few people contacting me by phone, email, tweet or just yelling from rooftops asking how to get into the voice business. I try to respond to all inquiries and the general gist is one needs some training, from a broadcasting program or […]


Television Alert

A friend passes this along: CBS program “Sunday Morning” (Sunday, April 11, 9-10_30 a.m.) they are doing: “Television maybe a visual medium, but it’s not only what is seen that resonates with viewers, but what is heard. Listen carefully to TV commercials and chances are you will hear familiar voices like those of Oscar winners, […]