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Random Agent Musings (RAM) #3 – The Audition Process

Some thoughts on auditions: -If you think you aced the audition, there is very little chance you’re getting the gig! The one you’ve forgotten about from three weeks ago is the one you’ll inexplicably get. -In light of the above, it’s best to think about auditions as the equivalent of batting practice in baseball. A […]


Random Agent Musings (RAM) #2: Favorite client lines

This week…A few of my favorite client lines from past and present: “We always budget $500.” After inquiring about the availability of a talent on my roster they want to book, and having received approval of this voice from their client, I ask what they have in mind for the rate. They quote $500. I […]


Random Agent Musings (RAM)

A new feature here at Voice Over Canada for 2014: What I call RAM – Random Agent Musings. These will be little odds ‘n ends about this wacky world of voice over that don’t fit neatly into a longer piece. I am going to try do this every Sunday so make it part of your […]