Hangin’ With The Voice Coaches – Part 2

sundaymuse10smWednesday night, the lovely and talented Sunday Muse (www.sundaymuse.com) invited me to sit in on her Adult Cartoon Workshop.    This is an introductory one night course where Sunday gives the students animation scripts and they do what they want with the character. 

Characters were never my forte – though I can do quite a credible Alfred Hitchcock impersonation – but I have a good character roster so I’m asked frequently where people can get animation/character training.  Sunday specializes in coaching kids in animation but also does these adult workshops from time to time.  She has lots of animation series experience and I feel she runs a solid intro workshop.   There were only 4 students on the night I attended but that gave them more mic time and gave me a sense of what they can do and what Sunday likes to have them do.

I missed the first hour of the workshop where Sunday gives the students an overview of the animation industry and how one gets good at doing character work.  From there, it’s 2 hours of mic time.  Each student on this night got two different pieces to work on with Sunday giving constructive criticism, or constructive praise, where applicable.   As is always the case with these workshops, there was a range of talent, from the actress who is merely trying to sharpen her skills to the young rookie who has always had those character voices inside him, to the woman who says she understands Sunday’s direction but then gives the exact same read 4 times in a row. 

Now, unlike Mike Kirby’s recent Voiceworx workshop I attended, Sunday let me stay behind the scenes and merely observe the shenanigans rather than having to join in on the festivities and come up with a character.   

I have often debated about starting a kids roster at my agency so I may take Sunday up on her offer for me to sit in on one of her kids animation workshops sometime soon.   I expect that to be “entertaining”.


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  1. Irene Angelico Says:
    June 26th, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Great blog! Do you know of any workshops in Montreal or would you recommend a voice coach here for an 18 year old.

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