Voice Over Canada hits Twitter

Well, it had to happen sooner or later – that I would get sucked in by the “wonder” of Twitter.  Since this blog has been more about quality than quantity to this point, I thought we’d launch an account on Twitter and be able to give more frequent updates on all things voice-over.  And as always, from the perspective of a talent agent.

I’ll share some insights about what agents look for when they choose whom to represent, what’s going on in the voice-over scene here in Toronto and across North America, and news about PN Agency and Ethnic Voice Talent: new roster additions, languages we might be looking for, expansion plans…and what’s going on with all my favorite oral specialists.  All done in 140 characters or less.  Pure magic really!

So why on earth would you delay – especially with this being rapture weekend.  There is really no time to waste.  Start following!   Here’s our page:


The tweets have only just begun.

Enjoy responsibly – and of course feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.   And I think this tweeting will inspire me to post on this blog more frequently so please check back here often as well.  Tweeting and blogging, tweeting and blogging!


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