Untrained In Vain

I’ve often thought it would be nice to just pick up a guitar and hit the nearest open mic night.  I don’t play guitar of course.  Or wouldn’t it be amazing to audition for a casting director in town who casts Hollywood feature films shooting in Toronto?  I have no acting experience though, unless you count 11th grade drama class or my turn as General Bullmoose in the high-school musical, Lil Abner.  Why don’t I dazzle the open mic crowd with my thundering licks or wow the casting director looking for the charming and witty character actor?  Because I don’t have any training!

This is obvious but yet a week doesn’t go by where I don’t get requests to join the voice roster from people who have never done voice work.  Never auditioned for anything.  Have never even taken a class!  Is there anything in the world where you can just walk in and do it without any prior experience or training?  Don’t answer that…

Point being – an agent represents a talent.  He/she is a salesperson for that artist.  It’s really difficult to sell someone who has never done voice work and has no training.

ALERT: This is a short blog entry.  It is my new strategy in order to push myself to write more frequently.  I am going to turn the Untrained In Vain idea into a series of posts that focus on some voice coaches in town whom I think do good work.

P.S.  Another e-mail I received recently that didn’t go over well with this talent agent: “I have a voice demo but it’s not professionally produced.  Is that okay?”  Uh…no.


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