10th Anniversary Celebration!

This week marks the 10th Anniversary of my ownership of PN Agency.  I wrote a promo note to clients to commemorate the occasion.  I’ve posted it below:

Dear beloved client:

Ten years ago this week, I became the owner of PN Agency and quickly ordered new business cards.  The agency was started almost a decade before that by Alan Powell and I’ll always be grateful to Alan for making me an offer I couldn’t refuse (and for being my voice agent all those years).

If you’re receiving this short note, it means you’ve hired one of the fabulous yet reasonably priced non-union voices on our roster at some point during the last decade OR we’ve at least had some communication about the idea of you engaging our voice talents OR you’ve requested a quote or audition.  There is the distinct possibility of course that you’ve never heard of PN Agency in which case I’m flattered you’ve read this far.

This short missive is really just a big thank you for your business and for seeing the value in our voices.  I look forward to another 10 years of helping to make your radio & television commercials, documentaries, web promos and multi-media presentations sound just a little bit better.

And I raise a celebratory glass to you, our valued client (it’s early in the week so I’m not actually drinking at the moment.  It’s just a metaphor.  No, no, no really, it is…)

As always, oral specialists are waiting to serve you at www.pnagency.com

Oh…and to celebrate 10 years at the helm, I’ll be tweeting links to various commercials, videos, series and documentaries featuring PN Agency talents.  Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter if you want to join in on the good clean fun.

We’re at:

With affection,

Roger King
El Presidente
PN Agency – www.pnagency.com
Ethnic Voice Talent – www.ethnicvoicetalent.com
(416) 515-8918

Check out my VO blog – www.voiceovercanada.ca
Now on Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/voiceovercanada


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