Secrets of An Agent Man: How To Break Up With Your Agent

One of the tough things about being an agent is having to say goodbye to good talents. In the last month or two, we’ve lost two star performers, both of whom decided to join the union. In both cases, it was for other opportunities besides voice, so no offense taken!

In fact, that’s one of the keys to being a successful agent (or at least one who isn’t regularly in therapy) – you can’t take everything personally. PN Agency is a non-union agency so this scenario of talents leaving to join the union is somewhat common. We really don’t have a high turnover rate on the roster though. It’s not quite Hotel California (“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.”) but I’m not Donald Trump either (“You’re fired!”).

“I don’t want to leave.” “This was a difficult decision for me.” “This is nothing personal, it’s just business.” These are probably the most common phrases we agents hear when talents decide to leave the nest. We agents actually believe these lines for the most part. Are we naive? It must be tough for the talents to do and perhaps you’re reading this and thinking you want to leave your agent too. Having had the experience enough times, I thought I’d provide a Top 10 list of helpful phrases you can use if you are a talent who is trying to find a way to tell your agent that “I’m just not that into you”. These gems should ease the blow your agent’s fragile ego will undoubtedly take when you decide to move on:


10. I’m just going to take a break to find myself, think about what I want in life and just voice audio books.

9. I value the depth of our relationship enough to be 100% honest with you that I am moving on. Please let me know you got this text.

8. I’m leaving the agency yes, but I’d still like to be Facebook friends.

7. I’ve met someone else – and he only takes 10%.

6. I think you’re embezzling!! (Ed: No, I’m sorry, that’s one of the Top 10 phrases to use when breaking up with your accountant.)

5. This other agent represents jugglers and you don’t, so…

4. I need to make less to move into a lower tax bracket.

3. I’m going to spend more time with my family.

2. I didn’t realize when I signed with the agency that you took a commission.

1. It’s not you – it’s me. My voice is changing.


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