PN Agency presents: A Heartfelt Holiday Message

Sent to our entire client mailing list today:

Hi there:

So, it’s come to this. On the last day before everyone takes off for the holidays, I am scrambling to come up with a penetrating festive message. A marketing expert would advise me that I need to find a way to convey our heartfelt wishes for an amazing holiday season for you and all your loved ones, while simultaneously reminding you that PN Agency has the best non-union voice roster in North America and you should seriously consider doing business with us regularly in 2013.

The public relations expert would deftly craft this message, expertly straddling that finely paved line between moving sentiment and crass commercialism.

But I just wanted you to know that in the end, I decided against hiring a communication consultant or social media expert. That wouldn’t have been authentic. You would have seen through it. Instead, I can speak from the heart – with no filter, no calculation – just raw feeling.

And you can know I mean it when I say “Have a great holiday and a Happy 2013, filled with joy, happiness and success.” And I can just leave it at that because there’s no P.R. team working and re-working this holiday greeting. There’s a kind of freedom in not having a marketing manager hovering over me, telling me to add something about regularly visiting and to source talented non-union voice talents at very reasonable prices.

So, let’s raise a toast over this holiday season and into 2013: Joy to the world. Peace. Love. May all voices be heard (or if not all, at least the more talented voices. You know who they are and where to find them).

With affection,

Roger King
El Presidente
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