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Just a quick post about the concept of networking and drinking with fellow voice talents. It’s a concept I fully support by the way.

The folks at just held their VoiceWorld Toronto conference this weekend where a number of speakers and coaches from the voice over industry (presumably) waxed poetic about all things voice. Some of our favourites here at Voice Over Canada were there including the lovely and talented Sunday Muse, the spunky Deb Munro and the enigmatic Elley-Ray Hennessey. I didn’t attend the conference but I wouldn’t miss cocktails for any reason. held their VoiceWorld Opening night mixer at Spin Toronto and in between whacks of the ping pong balls, it was good to mingle with some of the aforementioned coaches, established and aspiring voice talents and staff, including the always charming Stephanie Ciccarelli.

I ran into Patrick Sweeney and PN Agency‘s own Jodi Krangle and I was reminded that I’ve been meaning to mention “V.O. in T.O.” in this space for awhile now. Every six weeks or so, Patrick and Jodi organize a meet-up of people in the Toronto voice scene. Anyone connected with VO is welcome to attend, no charge. There is often a guest speaker but also plenty of time for voice-related banter over a selection of fine lager and ale at the The Frog and the Firkin.

I told Patrick that I not only plan to attend one of the upcoming events but would be happy to speak at one as well, should he think I have anything worthwhile to say. So, if you’re in V.O. and you’re in T.O., drop by. The next meet-up is this Wednesday, May 8th at 6:00 pm. In addition, there is a V.O. in T.O. Facebook page and if you want more info, drop Patrick a line:

If there are similar voice over related social networks in your city, let me know. If not, you should start one. All you need is a good pub, really. That sentence applies to a lot of things in life!

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