Secrets of An Agent Man: What are you looking for?

As an agent I get the question, “what are you looking for?” more often than any other with the possible exception of, “where’s my check?” What are you looking for? I’m not sure I can answer this question any better professionally than I could personally, when I was single!

Once an agent has an established roster, we’re never really looking for anything – unless a strange casting call comes in for, say, a talent who sounds like a combo of Irish and African-American. Then I’m looking for that.

But if you’re a voice talent, I don’t think you should ever ask the question, what are you looking for, because it implies you’re potentially willing to present something that isn’t authentic. Is my answer to that question going to change your approach, what you do or what’s on your demo? You need to do what you do – and do it well.

I mean, if I said I’m looking for a guy who can voice grandfather roles in radio & TV spots, and you’re 27 years old, what would be your response? You’d probably send me your demo anyway!

Or if I said I’m only looking for voices who sound 20 years old and you’ve been in radio for 30 years, that’s where the conversation ends. So the short answer is: An agent is always looking for – or at least interested in – an exciting, unique, professional voice who doesn’t care what the agent is looking for!

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