Random Agent Musings (RAM)

A new feature here at Voice Over Canada for 2014: What I call RAM – Random Agent Musings. These will be little odds ‘n ends about this wacky world of voice over that don’t fit neatly into a longer piece. I am going to try do this every Sunday so make it part of your Sunday routine to check back here, won’t you?

-I get a lot of cover letters. Every cover letter I’ve ever received that contained the phrase, “I’m a really creative person” displayed no trace of creativity.

-Wondering if talented voices who don’t have their own websites, home studios and client base aren’t more appealing from an agent’s perspective (Perhaps more on this in a future piece).

-I don’t understand the talent agency websites where you need a password to access the roster. Talents don’t pay agents commissions to be hidden.

-Most “character” reads these days are not crazy cartoon voices, accents or celebrity impressions. They are real people, exaggerated slightly. You know, like characters you meet in real life every day.

-“Do I have a good voice?” may not be as relevant a question compared to “Can you read well and interpret script?”

-Don’t ever fall for the line: “If you can just give us a deal for the first one, there are going to be a lot more of these to record in the future.” That sentence implies more money for the ones that follow. There are rarely ones that follow and when there are, the rate has already been established for the first one.

-Do on to agents as you would have done to you.

-I have a couch in my office. It would be cheesy if I was involved in the casting of anything more than voices.

-It really does for the most part come down to the voice demo.

-Voice industry fact: Having a home studio is overrated; Taking an acting class is underrated.

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  1. Carl Dixon Says:
    February 11th, 2014 at 1:59 am

    This is really good stuff Roger. Fun and thought-provoking. eg: Now I think acting classes this year for me!

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