Random Agent Musings (RAM) #3 – The Audition Process

Some thoughts on auditions:

-If you think you aced the audition, there is very little chance you’re getting the gig! The one you’ve forgotten about from three weeks ago is the one you’ll inexplicably get.

-In light of the above, it’s best to think about auditions as the equivalent of batting practice in baseball. A ball player just needs to get in the cage every day and take practice swings. Keeps you in shape and ready.

-Casting calls are getting vaguer and vaguer. Here is one from last month: “The voice will be male or /female, 30-40 years old. Full voice.” Can’t even narrow it down to the sex yet!

-Casting Directors, by and large, are good at what they do and insightful in terms of direction. But they are sometimes guessing as to what the client wants just like agents and voice talents!

-Anyone who doubts that voice work is a form of acting should attend a casting for a major ad campaign or animated series. And voice talents only have one tool to use. Wardrobe, physical mannerisms, stage presence etc doesn’t work here.

-Casting directors are either super friendly and personable or ruthless dictators – not much in between.

-Your agent shouldn’t be sending you out for everything. See here: http://www.voiceovercanada.ca/?p=352

-As an agent, technology has been a mixed blessing. Of course it’s great that we can do home studio/remote auditions but I miss the days of more voice casting directors who saw talents in person and got to know the voices and their abilities.

-My favorite recent line said by a casting director to an actor friend who was auditioning for an on-camera part in a TV spot: “If you get the gig, you’ll be leaving for Uruguay on Sunday.”

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  1. Kevin Says:
    April 2nd, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    Hello, Roger. I’m a dreaming brazilian boy who is turning 18 this year. I’ve always been passionate about voice-acting and dubbing, I’m finishing my english studies and I’m taking voice-acting/dubbing technique classes this year. I’m willing to live in Canada. Maybe when I get there, i’ll send a demo to you. Love your posts 😀

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