Ethnic Voice Talent is 10 Years Old!

In 2003, I was proud to represent a solid roster of English and French oral specialists. Quietly, I added some Spanish voices into the mix. Clients started to inquire: Can I get a German man? How about a Japanese woman? Time passed and I finally clued in that these were business questions and I sprung into action.

I set up some meetings with Chinese TV producers, dropped in to the Portuguese radio station, and called up translation companies. I was on the hunt for people who were fluent in languages besides English & French but who also had broadcast experience. The chartered accountant who happens to speak Arabic may be charming but it doesn’t do much good if he has never been behind a microphone.

Slowly I assembled the Germans and Cantonese and Italians and in 2004, Ethnic Voice Talent was born! I was amazed that the business name and URL were available. It lead me to believe I might be getting out in front of something. Clients started to call with corporate videos that needed to be done in three languages because the company also has offices in Berlin and Hong Kong – and radio spots that needed to reach the Chinese and the Italians as well as the English and the French.

Over the last 10 years, at Ethnic Voice Talent (EVT), we’ve done election campaign spots targeting the vote in various ethnic communities, an audio helicopter tour of Niagara Falls in 12 different languages, narrations for documentaries that played on television and film festivals around the world, and my favorite project to date: a major TV campaign for the NBA playoffs featuring play by play commentators from around the world. A number of our talented ethnic voices playing the part of NBA broadcasters of course.

Okay, I know it’s tough to make out the voices but at $3000 per language, who’s complaining!

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of EVT, I’m reflecting on how cool it has been to get to know all the communities, to learn a bit about different dialects within a language and to see the increased demand for authentic voices and accents of various countries and ethnicities.

In the coming months, I plan to put more energy into growing EVT: more languages, more choices of voice in the languages we do offer, and more outreach to clients who should be open to expanding their message to different audiences. Oral specialists are waiting to serve you in the language of your choice.

For now, thanks to all who have booked a talented ethnic voice these last 10 years and Happy Anniversary EVT!


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