I Am What I Play

So, in addition to running PN Agency and Ethnic Voice Talent, and keeping the masses entertained with this blog, I have also managed to make a feature length documentary on the side. The subject: rock radio DJ’s. It’s called I Am What I Play and here’s the pitch:

I Am What I Play focuses on four well-known North American radio disc jockeys during the heyday of rock radio, when many disc jockeys were given great freedom on the air, had celebrity status, and had a direct connection to the biggest names in rock and roll. As radio became more commercially-controlled and new media has taken hold, these DJ’s have had to carve out a new career space for themselves. Has free-form radio died, or has it reinvented itself in unexpected spaces?

The aim was not to tell some all-encompassing history of rock radio but rather to present four interesting characters whose lives were symbolic of the era and the medium, and who by telling their stories, would essentially guide us through the arc of rock radio.

The movie features music from Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Joni Mitchell, Rush and The Cars, among others.

The movie site is here:

If Facebook is more your style, the film page is here. Lots of updates to come there:



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