Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced?

I know, I know…Somehow you’ve found this blog because you’ve always thought you could/should do voice-over work.  Or…people at work have always said you have a great voice and finally you’re ready to do something about it.  OR…maybe just today in line at Mr. Submarine, someone said you had a sexy voice and you want to strike while the iron is hot and…really shake things up in your life or at the very least, keep googling voice over related topics until bedtime.

I understand the appeal.  Who wouldn’t want to be paid good money just to talk?  Who wouldn’t want to make the equivalent of a full-time salary for only “working” a few hours a week?  Who wouldn’t want to be in a profession where dress is casual?  And really, who wouldn’t want to embark on a career that requires no experience?!

Yes, I blog the truth.  Producers want to give you money even if you have no experience.  That’s just the way the biz works.  As long as you can verify that someone in your life once told you that you “should do voice work”, you’re in! 

Editor: He’s being sarcastic.

RK: You think?

Editor: Uh…yes!

RK: I don’t have an editor.

OK, let’s say hypothetically that you think it a good idea to actually have some training before you pursue something.  What should you do?

Simply put – you need to get behind a microphone.  The first thing I always recommend is volunteering to read for the visually impaired.  It’s a good cause and you potentially get mic time every week. You can try here  or here


Now, if you don’t want to go back to school and study broadcasting/radio & TV/acting & performance, some kind of voice workshop is a must.  You need to get some coaching/training and let a professional in the VO industry assess your potential.  See if you like being behind a mic.  There’s always the possibility you won’t like it and the dream will die right there in the VO booth – but at little waste of time and expense on your part.  OR You might love it and then see the importance of further training, practice and knowledge of the industry.


Do your research.  Just like anything else in life, ask around.  Investigate pricing and compare.  Google any voice coaches you’re thinking of studying under and see if there’s a website so you know the details of that workshop or class.  Making the decision to begin to train for the eventual pursuit of professional voice work does require a bit of work and time commitment on your part.  Anything that can eventually bring great rewards and personal pleasure & satisfaction (professionally speaking of course) usually does.

In future posts, I will discuss some of the fine and upstanding voice coaches across this great land of ours.


Always be listening.  Pay close attention to the voices on radio and television commercials. Watch cartoons with a keen ear (and without the use of substances for a change!) Check out documentaries and listen to the narrators.  Start really studying the oral specialists out there. 

And of course…bookmark this site!


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2 Responses to “Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced?”

  1. Jude Obsured Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    I am one of those, whom people always said “You should work with your voice”. I would like some consult on how to get training and or where to send my “voice”. When I hear my own voice I don’t hear the attraction, but I am willing to get some guidance if in fact, my voice is marketable.

  2. Jude Obscured Says:
    April 17th, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    I mispelled obscured…so I know writing is not in my future. However, I would like a consult relating to voice.

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