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VO Atlanta

I just attended my first VO Atlanta conference and had a blast! For the 6th year in a row, 600+ people from all areas of the voice over industry gathered at a big hotel in Atlanta to network, exchange ideas, banter, scheme and of course, raise a glass or three. I had never attended in […]


Social Networks

Just a quick post about the concept of networking and drinking with fellow voice talents. It’s a concept I fully support by the way. The folks at just held their VoiceWorld Toronto conference this weekend where a number of speakers and coaches from the voice over industry (presumably) waxed poetic about all things voice. […]


I like the sound of that!

All blogs begin with a healthy dose of self-indulgence.   That tradition will be carried on here but I will keep in mind that brevity is attractive. What is this blog? It will likely evolve but my aim is to give you, dear reader, an overview of the voice-over industry in Canada.  I’ll talk about how […]