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VO Atlanta

I just attended my first VO Atlanta conference and had a blast! For the 6th year in a row, 600+ people from all areas of the voice over industry gathered at a big hotel in Atlanta to network, exchange ideas, banter, scheme and of course, raise a glass or three. I had never attended in […]

Share buys Voicebank

The voice over industry is all aflutter as on-line casting company has purchased Voicebank, another casting site that provides casting opportunities to talent agencies. Many in the industry are worried about one dominant player potentially controlling so much casting. I am taking more of a wait and see approach. VoiceOverXtra reached out to me […]


Live from Toronto…it’s New York City!

I’m very pleased to announce that PN Agency has launched a roster of New York-based voice talents. The PN Agency business model continues to be representing talents in their own city, servicing clients in that same city. I wrote about this on the blog before which you can read here Here is the promo email […]


Why do most animation demos suck?

Some thoughts on animation demos… 90% of animation/character demos are pretty much flat out terrible. There, I said it. Let’s take a minute to let that sink in. Okay… I think my number one problem with a lot of character demos is most of the characters are totally out of context, if you can even […]


How much is the right voice worth to an advertiser?

Interesting overview of the voice-over industry from Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail. It covers some of the pay-to-play stuff mentioned in my previous post and even includes a quote from PN Agency’s Todd Schick :)- “Those who regularly hire voice talent – especially advertisers – want work done faster and cheaper. Just as […]


Pay (and pay and pay) To Play

As the owner of a voice talent agency, I am often asked my thoughts on the pay to play sites like Voice 123 and Do I consider them competition? Are they taking work away from agencies? etc. If you’re not aware of the pay to play model, it works like this: On-line casting sites […]