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Classic Videos: The Voice-Over World meets American politics

Surely you’ve heard about D.C. Douglas, the L.A.-based voice talent who voices Geico commercials, being dropped from their spots because he left an angry voicemail message with a group that organizes tea party events?  For that story, go here: Well, now Douglas has fired back – not at Geico but at the Tea Partiers.  […]


Classic Video – “Pirate Radio Commercial” Short Film

A far too realistic portrayal of the recording of a radio commercial.  Aharrr!  Click on the “Aharrr” link below to get to the video.  (Sorry, could not upload it to the site) Aharrr Enjoy!


Are You Experienced? Have you ever been experienced?

I know, I know…Somehow you’ve found this blog because you’ve always thought you could/should do voice-over work.  Or…people at work have always said you have a great voice and finally you’re ready to do something about it.  OR…maybe just today in line at Mr. Submarine, someone said you had a sexy voice and you want […]