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Voice Over Experts podcast: Agent shoulds and shouldn’ts

I took the latest Secrets of An Agent Man blog piece – What Your Agent Should and Shouldn’t Be Doing For You – and turned it into a podcast. The fine folks at have posted it as part of their Voice Over Experts series. Click here: Voice Over Experts


Secrets of An Agent Man: How To Break Up With Your Agent

One of the tough things about being an agent is having to say goodbye to good talents. In the last month or two, we’ve lost two star performers, both of whom decided to join the union. In both cases, it was for other opportunities besides voice, so no offense taken! In fact, that’s one of […]


I like the sound of that!

All blogs begin with a healthy dose of self-indulgence.   That tradition will be carried on here but I will keep in mind that brevity is attractive. What is this blog? It will likely evolve but my aim is to give you, dear reader, an overview of the voice-over industry in Canada.  I’ll talk about how […]